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Egyptian Cotton – What Makes it so Special?

13 May 2016

We’ve all heard of Egyptian cotton before – with an established reputation of being the best cotton in the world it would be hard not to, but where does that reputation come from?

Egyptian cotton has several features that set it apart. First of all, the length of the fibre in Egyptian cotton is longer than in regular cotton. This means the fabric made from Egyptian cotton is stronger than regular cotton as there are fewer splices than when regular cotton is used. The stronger the fibre is, the more resistant to stress the fabric will be making it more durable. The longer fibres also result in a soft and lustrous yarn that is more attractive than regular cotton. We should also point out that Egyptian cotton and regular cotton come from different plants which is why there are variances between them.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has a higher thread count per inch than regular cotton. This results in an extremely tight weave which also makes the fabric stronger, meaning Egyptian cotton sheets will last significantly longer than regular cotton sheets. The thread count is very important when it comes to bed linens and refers to the number of threads in each square inch (although this is not the sole factor as the quality of the yarn is also important). Thread count can go right up to 1000, with 800-1000 being the ultimate indulgence in linens. Of course this comes with a price so as a general rule expect to see the price rise alongside the thread count.

Luxury Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is also more porous than regular cotton, which ensures a more comfortable nights sleep as well as making it brighter and more resistant to colours.

Picking Egyptian Cotton