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Caring for Your Luxury Linens

08 July 2016

Luxury linens can be expensive if you want the best. Whilst they should undoubtedly be considered a good investment, it is important to know how to care for your linens correctly to maintain their high quality and increase their longevity. Poor care can lead to damaged linens, but we are here to give you the best guidance on caring for your linens and maintaining the superior quality that you invested in.

It is important to first ascertain what type of linen you are cleaning, in order to use the best method. For example, linens made from blended fabrics can be washed using water as long as you stick to the method recommended for the most delicate fibre. Any linen that contains three or more fibres should only be dry cleaned.  If you are washing your linens then it is important to know that the higher the water temperature is, the more the linen will shrink. All natural fabrics shrink after being washed in water, however, it is the temperature of the water that dictates how much they shrink. The colder the water, the less potential harm there is. If you sort your linens by the different fibres then your washing temperature can be adjusted accordingly.

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If you have decided to wash your linens then you need to make sure you are using a suitable washing powder. Avoid anything with bleach which could damage the fabric and opt for a mild detergent and a gentle cycle. For the best results you should always wash duvet covers and bed sheets separately. Mixing them with other garments that are made of tougher material, or have zips and hooks on that could snag on other fabrics may damage them.

Once you have washed your linens they should also be dried correctly. Sometimes they can tumble dried if a low heat setting is used but you should always check the label. If you do opt to put them in the tumble dryer they should always be removed before they are completely dry and hung out to finish drying naturally. This will prevent any wrinkles and also keep them mildew free. If you are going to finish them by ironing then always remember that the lowest heat is best.

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Finally, once your linens are clean they should be correctly stored. A cool, dry and well-ventilated environment is best, away from direct sunlight. Keep your linens folded flat on drawers or shelves lined with tissue paper and scented sachets that will combat nay moisture and keep your linens smelling fresh. If your linens show signs of small holes you should change your storage location immediately as this is an indicator of moths.