As tactile experiences go nothing quite compares with running your fingers across a freshly pressed, finely woven fabric and once you've developed a love of cloth you never lose it.

Peter Reed’s search for textile perfection is one that dates back over 150 years, from the middle of the 19th century when England was the heart of the industrial revolution and Lancashire was the centre of the world's newly mechanised clothmaking industry. You could barely walk down a cobbled street in these parts without the clang, clamour and furious roar of the world’s most skilled, most efficient weavers warping and wefting cotton to the incessant beat of the world trade drum. Clothes, uniforms, upholstery fabrics, towels, bedding. The world demanded the best; Lancastrian mills supplied.

We're still running our fingers across cloth, still obsessed with perfection, still very much in love.

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At Peter Reed 150 years of expert artisanship is woven into every piece. For generations our bedding, hand-crafted in Lancashire from the highest-grade cottons, has symbolised authentic British luxury for the home.

Unparalleled Raw Materials & Milling

To create the softest, smoothest, most durable sheeting it's essential to start with the finest ingredients. We begin with the very best raw cotton. This includes long staple Egyptian cotton and Supima® cotton renowned for its fineness, softness and strength. The raw cotton is then spun and woven for us in Italian mills just outside Milan. Precise combing removes shorter cotton fibres from the harvest, ensuring Peter Reed sheeting is spun using only the longest, most lustrous fibres. Quite simply, there is no better fabric in which to lie.

Uncompromising Standards for Luxury

Luxury can never be compromised. Peter Reed bedding is testimony to precise craftsmanship of highly skilled, dedicated artisans who take enormous pride in fulfilling your expectations. Each individual’s eye for detail is formidable as they measure, cut, sew, edge and iron to a standard that simply cannot be achieved by machinery alone. It is comforting to know that the art of workmanship – that single-minded commitment to excellence established by our founders in 1861 – is still thriving in a small village in Lancashire.

Unmatched Finishing Details

Attention to detail is the hallmark of Peter Reed. Your bedroom is a haven of comfort and your bedding should look and feel incredible for years to come. That’s why we insist on finishing that is second to none:

  • Woven selvedges that outlast sewn hems, even after years of laundering.
  • Generous hems (at least 12 stitches per inch) not only look attractive but also ensure durability and simplify hand ironing.
  • Flat sheets have high shrinkage allowance, allowing adequate tuck-ins on extra deep mattresses or mattresses with toppers – increasingly common in modern households.
  • Classic cord stitching identifies higher thread count cloth.
  • Overlocking safety stitch and traditional mitred pillowcases.