About Peter Reed

As tactile experiences go nothing quite compares with running your fingers across a freshly pressed, finely woven fabric and once you've developed a love of cloth you never lose it.

Peter Reed’s search for textile perfection is one that dates back over 150 years, from the middle of the 19th century when England was the heart of the industrial revolution and Lancashire was the centre of the world's newly mechanised clothmaking industry. You could barely walk down a cobbled street in these parts without the clang, clamour and furious roar of the world’s most skilled, most efficient weavers warping and wefting cotton to the incessant beat of the world trade drum. Clothes, uniforms, upholstery fabrics, towels, bedding. The world demanded the best; Lancastrian mills supplied.

We're still running our fingers across cloth, still obsessed with perfection, still very much in love.

To find out more about the Peter Reed brand, you can download our brand book by clicking here.