In 1861 Peter Reed started manufacturing the finest luxury linens with water-powered looms on the slopes of Pendle Hill. In 1891 the business moved to Nelson in Lancashire, England - where we can still be found to this day. We only use the finest, most lustrous cotton sheeting made from extra-long staple cotton, every single hem is stitched by hand, every detail checked and re-checked. Each finished piece has 150 years of expert artisanship woven into it.

In 2008 Peter Reed was awarded a Royal Warrant, by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, Manufacturers of Bedlinen.

’When you buy Peter Reed you are not only buying the most luxurious hand-crafted bed linen, you are also buying into a rich heritage of English textile manufacturing’.

Sustainability & Investing in the Future

At Peter Reed everything is made to order. We do not hold any stock, which means there is very little wastage of materials or power, ensuring a more sustainable method of production. Our offcuts are used for our own packaging and the rest donated to a local patchwork quilt business. In addition we monitor every aspect of the conversion from the raw cotton, to when we receive it as a woven fabric, and through to the finished products which are all made at our factory in Lancashire. UK.

Our supplier of cotton in Italy has adopted the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, an Independent Organization that certifies products and processes according to scientific criteria. This includes the absence of harmful substances in every component of the product from raw material to finished products. They are also members of GOTS The Global Organic Textile Standard, this was developed by leading international standard setters in order to define world-wide recognised requirements that ensure organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling, in order to provide credible assurances to the consumer. They have also devoted increasing attention to environmental issues and now use renewable energy sources from over 7,000 sqm of solar panels with an annual output of clean energy of 1,003.875 K Wh.

Investing in the Future

We are only as good as our workforce, and at Peter Reed we are committed to developing the skills of our employees with ongoing training programmes, and actively encouraging sustainability and the continued well being of our surroundings. This we hope will inspire a new generation of craftspeople, who will in turn, continue the Peter Reed story.