Bedding Guide

1 Oxford Pillowcase
2 Square Oxford Pillowcase
3 Boudoir Pillowcase
4 Neck Roll
5 Fitted Sheet
6 Flat Sheet
7 Duvet Cover
8 Housewife Pillowcase
  • 1. Oxford Pillowcase

    Pillowcases that are available in different sizes, complete with a decorative flange.

  • 2. Square Oxford Pillowcase

    Usually around 65cm x 65cm and used for decoration and support when sitting up in bed.

  • 3. Boudoir Pillowcase

    A small pillowcase, 30cm x 40cm that is used to decorate the bed for finishing touch.

  • 4. Neck Roll

    A cover for a cushion used to support the neck or lower back.

  • 5. Fitted Sheet

    A sheet that is tailor fitted to the mattress, and easily slips on tightly.

  • 6. Flat Sheet

    A decorative top sheet, that sits between the duvet cover and bottom sheet. Can be used as a light cover for sleeping in hot temperatures.

  • 7. Duvet Cover

    The main bed linen item that covers a filled duvet, be it synthetic, or natural. Adds volume and warmth to the bed.

  • 8. Housewife Pillowcase

    Simply designed pillowcases with a cuff, that does not have a decorative flange. Available in different sizes.