There is a reason the producers of “Downton Abbey” asked Peter Reed for advice regarding bedlinen for the multi award winning BBC TV series - Expertise. In the 1930’s and 40’s, when the series is set, we really were supplying linen to some of the grandest houses in the land. We continue to supply Bespoke linens to the most discerning customers, as well as some of the largest super yachts and most luxurious hotels around the world.


Sheeting fabrics probably receive more wear and laundering than any other textile, and the weaving construction is critical to the durability and comfort. The ideal fabric is a symmetrical plain weave where equal density warp and weft single yarns are interlocked to produce a high concentration of yarn intersections. The symmetry of the weave will ensure that the day-to-day wear occurs evenly and ironing will not favour a particular knapp of the cloth.


The Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. So we hear you say ‘The higher the thread count the better the quality’ - NOT necessarily! The maximum TC using a single yarn is approx 250 psi (around 300 after shrinkage) fabrics with a higher thread count are made from multifold yarns 2,3 or 4 Ply. We only use the best 2 Weaves.

SATEEN WEAVE: This is a tighter weave which feels heavier, and as it’s name implies, adds a slight sheen to the fabric and a silkier feel.
300 TC: A lightweight fabric with a slight lustre, Embroiders as well as a Percale
600 TC: Denser, luxurious and slightly heavier fabric with a medium lustre.
1000TC: Very heavy fabric with a high lustre, drapes beautifully and feels like thick silk. This fabric cannot be embroidered.

PERCALE WEAVE: This traditional matt weave gets better and softer with each wash, a wonderful soft and durable fabric.
210TC: The classic Peter Reed single warp and weft fabric. Light, durable and embroiders beautifully. A favourite with Hotels and Spas.
300 TC: A Lightweight fabric but with a denser, slightly softer feel than the 210 TC.
400 TC: A heavyweight fabric with luxurious feel.
600 TC. Slightly lighter weight than 400 (due to the ply) and a slight sheen due to the density of the fabric.

SEA ISLAND COTTON: One of the finest and rarest cottons. 600 TC: A beautiful soft fabric with a slight lustre.

The Finest Raw Ingredient, + The finest Thread (yarn) and best Weaves + The most skilled workforce = The finest Bed Linen.

First you must start with the best Cotton - That’s why we use only the finest, most lustrous cotton sheeting made from extra-long staple cotton which ensures a more consistent and smooth finish. Then we monitor every aspect of the conversion from the raw cotton, to when we receive it at our factory in Lancashire as a woven fabric.

Our raw cotton suppliers are members of GOTS The Global Organic Textile Standard, this ensures Organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.
We only use 2 threads; Percale, known for it’s softness and durability with a Matt finish, and Sateen, a tighter heavier weave with a sheen.


At Peter Reed everything is made to order - We do not hold any stock , which means, there is very little wastage of materials or power, and everything is made at our own factory in Lancashire UK. These facts ensure a more sustainable method of production. We are only as good as our workforce, and at Peter Reed many of our team have been with us for decades! We are committed to developing the skills of our employees with ongoing training programmes and actively encouraging sustainability and the continued well being of our surroundings. This we hope will inspire a new generation of craftspeople, who, in turn, will continue the Peter Reed bespoke story.

Woven selvedges that outlast sewn hems, even after years of laundering.

Generous hems (at least 12 stitches per inch) not only look attractive but also ensure durability and simplify hand ironing.

Flat sheets have high shrinkage allowance, allowing adequate tuck-ins on extra deep mattresses or mattresses with toppers – increasingly common in modern households.

Classic cord stitching identifies higher thread count cloth.

Overlocking safety stitch and traditional mitred pillowcases.

Our extensive thread library, allows us to colour-match embroidery or cording threads to any requirement.

PETER REED, has symbolised authentic British luxury for the home, for 150 years. The best cloth, unrivalled artisanship and timeless design, is appreciated by our customers (and sometimes generations of customers), Royal Palaces, Designers and Hotels around the world.

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