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In traditional English linens the corded finish remains the high watermark for a crisp, tailored look and a world-renowned signifier of exceptional, luxurious quality. It’s been that way since 1861, and it’s exactly the same today.

You can specify our Signature Cords in a range of thread counts in both percale/matt and sateen/satin finishes. For our Coloured Cords, you can choose from a range of thread colours, thread counts and matt and satin finishes.

Signature cord

2 Cords, 4 Cords, 5 Cords.

Our Signature Cords are made by laying a cord along the edge of the sheeting and then stitching horizontally over the cord. This pain-staking process is done by hand as it always has been, and we offer 2,4 and 5 row cords in white cording on a white cotton percale.

The Story of our Signature Cord

In bygone years, our cord became a shorthand for quality. Based on these delicately-embroidered hints, staff in hotels and stately homes would know whether linens were for workers, guests, or the most exclusive suites. While even our single cord linens are exquisite to the touch, we retain the system as a nod to our rich heritage and commitment to quality. It's why the producers of "Downton Abbey" asked us for advice on luxury bed linen. Not only is our expertise well-known, but we were actually providing luxury linens to the homes that the multi-award winning series is based upon. Excellence is undeniably in our fabric.

Coloured cord

Our Colour Cords are crafted with an embroidered row in a multitude of colours – either a matt percale or satin – on a percale or sateen cotton. We typically recommend a matt thread on a matt percale and a satin thread on a sateen cotton. 


You can order our Waves design to be made for you in a selection of colours and thread counts.


We use only the finest Belgian 100% Linen or Linen Union (60% Linen 40% Cotton) depending on your preference. You can also choose the finest Sea Island Cotton.

We’re always here to talk if you’d like to discuss the subtle differences between these options, or if you need help deciding on the right one for you.


If you’re creating an Art Deco theme or looking for authentic Edwardian embroidery, we have a host of original period designs here in our Library.

If you prefer, you can commission your own design and our skilled team will replicate it for you. Please email our bespoke department, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to begin making your vision a reality.

Adding a monogram is the ultimate level of bespoke luxury. Our designers will work closely with you to create a unique signature that perfectly reflects your personality. We’ll help you select fonts and colours, and decide whether letters are intertwined in a traditional fashion ‒ inspired perhaps by a family crest ‒ or reproduced in a more informal, contemporary style.

This is the ultimate in personalisation, using the finest materials and craftsmanship available.

Original period designs

Greek Key

Other bed linen products

Alpaca Duvets

Every Peter Reed alpaca duvet is handmade from the finest cotton cover and the best alpaca fleece Britain has to offer. The result is a truly sumptuous feel and the most relaxing sleep imaginable.

Finally, its wicking properties allow the body’s perspiration to leave the duvet, giving you an even more comfortable night’s sleep.

To find out more about our alpaca duvets, and how you can order yours, simply get in touch.

Cashmere Blankets & Throws

We go to great lengths to make sure our 100% cashmere throws are the finest available. In fact, we go to Mongolia, because that’s where the very best cashmere wool is found. 

Dimensions: 137 x 200cm.

Order your cashmere blankets and throws from our expert team today.

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