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Bluebird x Peter Reed

When Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed record in his iconic Bluebird, it was in a quest for something special. With the restoration of his 1931 motor yacht, The Bluebird of Chelsea, that legacy continues.

This one-of-a-kind linen collection, in collaboration with Celine Interior Design, outfits the beautiful craft with delicately-embroidered Peter Reed linens throughout. From luxury table linens to bedding, from placemats to embroidered tablecloths, every stitch pays homage to a pioneer of British endeavour. 

Just as Sir Malcolm passed his skill and passion to his son, Donald Campbell CBE, at Peter Reed we have been passing down 160 years of dedication to linen excellence from generation to generation.

 To see the culmination of that work, and our work with Celine Interior Design, click play on the video above.

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