Reinventing the classics, and making new ones

Celine Interiors x Peter Reed

Noor Charchafchi, founder of Celine Interior Design, an internationally recognised design practice, has come together with Peter Reed, experts in linen manufacture using only the finest English quality cotton to create a truly unique collaborative range of linen. 

The linen range has been carefully developed to ensure that it is not only a beautifully designed range from Classic Ombre to Art Deco but also made with exceptional quality linen produced with cotton from quintessential English Mills. In this brilliant collaborative spirit bringing the best of quality and design together, this outstanding new collection of linens is a testament to what can happen when design is intrinsically merged with quality.  

The Ombre Classic design is a twist on the classic corded design which has been in the linen design world for centuries. We wanted to produce something that could still be seen as classic but also unique. The ombre effect also makes the design accessible and easy to place because it pulls in more than one shade of the same color allowing the interior scheme ina room to merge with the linen and feel seamless.

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